– Vooruit Wants to Get Rid of Strangling Contracts in the Hospitality Industry

We want to put an end to the unhealthy dependence on catering establishments owned by breweries. That is why we are submitting a proposal to the Flemish and Brussels Parliament to amend the Commercial Lease Act.

Purchase Obligations Must Be Separated From Rental Agreements

With the proposals of – Vooruit, we want to amend commercial rental legislation in Flanders and Brussels. We advocate separating commitments that have nothing to do with the rental of the building itself, such as purchase obligations, from the rental agreement. After all, that 'link' can lead to the end of the rental agreement. And we don't think it's logical for an operator to lose his location while complying with the rental conditions. After all, the rental location is essential for his livelihood and for the job security of many catering staff.

Also the Threshold Money in the Crosshairs

The “threshold money”, the amount that the new tenant pays to the landlord in order to be able to use a business that has already been built up, must also be reviewed. After all, the value of a business, such as the clientele and name recognition, is largely the merit of the previous operator. In addition, the owner of the property has an interest in switching to a new tenant, as he can then claim threshold money again.

That is why we propose to transfer half of the threshold money to the previous operator in specific cases. In this way, the owners reap the fruits of their work and we strengthen café life. We will not touch the freedom of contracting, but want to restore the existing imbalance. 

A Lively City for Everyone

For – Vooruit, a vibrant café life is essential in a city like Brussels. Every day, many entrepreneurs and their staff dedicate themselves to this with passion. With our proposals we want to keep our city’s alive and offer protection to those who invest in them. At the same time, we ensure that young, local brewers also have the opportunity to sell their product in these catering establishments.