against a fragmented society

Samenvating frans is not only fighting against a fragmented policy, but also against a fragmented society. Racism and discrimination are the culprits of our society. The fear of the unknown often leads to horrific scenes that sometimes lead to deaths. Unfortunately, a lot of ink has already flowed on this subject. These two themes are almost impossible to ignore from the daily debates of our society. And yet there is the feeling, among various Brussels residents, that not much will change. Awareness is gradually growing, now concrete actions still need to be linked to it. 

As a political movement, we want to continue to shine a light on the fundamental problems that remain. Just think of the inequality in the labor and housing market, the aggression because of your skin color, religion, gender identity or age and so much more. By actively working on this, we can initiate a lasting turnaround together. A big step is to strive for structural and institutional changes for current and future generations.

How are we going to do this in practice?

By drawing attention in various domains to possible solutions that are already available. We do this in areas such as poverty, decolonization of public space, the relationship between Brussels residents and security services. 

With all its diversity and multiculturalism, our capital can continue to demonstrate that differences do not have to create divisions, but can have a connecting effect. Brussels is what will always connect us. Only together are we our city, together we are one Brussels,

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