One Climate Policy

The city air gives us freedom but we also want clean city air with a policy that reconciles ecology and solidarity. wants a single climate policy

We will be uncompromising in terms of the way we look after the climate. We’ll test the impact of every policy on the climate and our living environment. We invest in public transport, shared mobility (the shared use of a vehicle, bicycle or othermeans of transportation – it is about users accessing transport services, e.g. car sharing or bicycle sharing, on an as needed basis), bicycle lanes and car-free squares and streets, certainly in areas around schools. We want a food strategy based on short supply chains and urban agriculture. We support active upcycling and circular economy initiatives. All restaurants should offer free tap water. Public authorities should ban plastic in their activities.
We protect open spaces in the city and advocate biodiversity for all spaces. Something is not quite right when the temperature is several degrees higher in Molenbeek than in Uccle in the summer. We take away the problems from these areas and bring more greenness, ‘softening’ them by taking away concrete and stones where possible and giving the ground a new lease of life. And we don’t want to be green just for leisure activities. We also want to be green in terms of production: new constructions that are CO2-neutral, eco-renovation of buildings instead of demolition as well as making social housing energy efficient and having green rooves where possible.

We also want to learn from other cities and so we’re banking on exchanges of knowledge and experience. After all, we’re tackling the issue of climate change together.