Come to the one.council and help us determine our course! 

Over the past decade, we have brought about an important shift : Brussels has evolved from a city where the public space is fully designed for the convenience of motorists, to a city with pedestrian zones and bicycle paths (even on the Little Ring). This revolution is not without a struggle, but the battle for the street has gained momentum. 

Fewer cars means more space for terraces, for play area, for trees. Brussels is becoming more and more attractive. More and more people want to live there, even in neighborhoods that used to be completely off their radar. This has caused the prices of apartments and houses to rise sharply. Living in the city is becoming unaffordable for a growing group of people.  

For us, this is THE priority for the next decade: Brussels for the many, not the few. Because everyone has a right to the city. How do we ensure that everyone goes forward? How do we ensure that life remains affordable despite high inflation, rising rents and exploding energy costs?   

How are we going to do that? We would be happy to discuss this with you during the one.council on Saturday 19 November, from 9:00 am in Les Ateliers des Tanneurs. There we will talk about current political events, but more importantly about our vision of the city. The elections of 2024 are approaching and we already want to focus our story. What choices do we make so that everyone can move forward in Brussels? We would like to hear your opinion about this!  

Hopefully we'll see you on the 19th. 

📅 19 november 2022
🕘 From 9AM
📍 Ateliers des Tanneurs (Rue des Tanneurs 58-62 – 1000 Brussels)


09:00 Start with coffee and pasteries
09:30 A welcoming by our presidents and political current affairs
11.00 Presentation of our priorities 2022-2023
12.30 Lunch with sandwiches