De Hellingen van het Justitiepaleis

Since 1 March, the inhabitants of Brussels have had extra public space in the densely populated Marolles district.

The City of Brussels and the Buildings Agency joined forces and put an end to years of illegal parking. Since the start of the corona crisis, the importance of public space in the city has come to the fore even more. Walkers, cyclists and joggers can now safely move from the high to the low city.

With the prospect of sunny days, this place will attract even more people to enjoy the beautiful view. At the moment this place is still too mineral and in anticipation of the permanent redevelopment, the City of Brussels has launched a call for projects. Alderwoman Ans Persoons, competent for Urban Development and Public Space, is giving a financial boost between 500 and 25,000 euros with "Urban Design 2021" to make the slopes pleasant with a temporary interpretation. The temporary interpretation is also a good way to test what works well in this place before discussing the permanent interpretation with all the actors in the neighborhood.

All conditions and the timeline can be consulted at