Cancelled - New Year's drink in the winter garder of the Grand Hospice

Samenvating frans

You received an invitation to our New Year's drink.
Due to the new taken COVID related rules yesterday, our drink won't take place.
We hope that later this year we will be able to share a moment all together.
We wish you all the best for 2022 !
The - Vooruit team

Samen Vooruit met Brussel! 

On Sunday 23 January 2022 from 2 pm, we cordially invite you to our New Year's reception in the winter garden of the Grand Hospice in Brussels. 

A new year means that we leave the old year behind. A difficult period, in which the pandemic allowed us to be together less than we wanted, is giving way to hope for better times. Because in Brussels there is plenty to look forward to.

Let's also keep the good of the past period. Such as the solidarity that arose during the pandemic, as a result of which homeless people can now stay in empty hotels. But also the fight against discrimination in all its forms and the fight for the safety of women in nightlife and public space. These are topics that we want to focus on as 

Curious about the other positive changes for Brussels residents in 2022? Then come to our dazzling New Year's reception. 

We start at 2 pm in the winter garden of the Grand Hospice, Grootgodshuisstraat 7, 1000 Brussels. Dress warmly, because due to the pandemic developments, the reception will take place outside in an open tent.

Hopefully we'll see you on the 23rd. We look forward to receiving you.