More ambition needed for the redevelopment of Avenue Louis Bertrand

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Next year, the redevelopment of Avenue Louis Bertrand in Schaerbeek will begin. Here, in the middle of the municipality, a beautiful green promenade can be created with more space for relaxation, pedestrians, shops, cyclists, terraces, etc.

But the current plan of the commune of Schaerbeek leaves everything as it is. Much more ambition is needed. With and Vooruit 1030 we want to see more space created on a human scale, especially on wide, central avenues, not just for 'King Car'. There should be enough space to do other activities in a street, besides parking and driving a car around. Brussels needs different public spaces that connects residents with each other. From 'King Car' to a city on a human scale.

Avenue Louis Bertrand protected
At the beginning of 2021, Brussels State Secretary for Heritage and Urbanism, Pascal Smet, had Louis Bertrand Avenue protected. The aim is to create the possibility of widening the pavements, creating separate cycle paths and making parts of it car-free. This ambition is supported by local residents and should also form the basis of the plans of the municipality of Schaerbeek.  

Hannelore Goeman, Flemish MP and Schaerbeek resident:
Hannelore Goeman, Flemish MP and Schaerbeek resident: "Anyone who looks at the plans can only conclude that the municipal authorities have (once again) got no further than a little fiddling in the margins. The car is given just as much space. Cyclists on this regional cycling route will have to settle for paint and suggestion strips. Not a single intersection will be cut, let alone the street becoming partly car-free. Only 77 trees will be planted instead of the 108 that will be chopped down. Why can't the same be done in Schaerbeek that is possible in so many other places? Look at Brussels City, where they have turned a four-lane road into a green lung through the municipality."

Els Rochette, Brussels MP, believes that the people of Brussels should be listened to more:
"Avenue Louis Bertrand can become the new centre of Schaerbeek with space for relaxation and fewer cars taking up unnecessary space. A green promenade for pedestrians, cyclists, recreation, terraces and shops. But in the plans for the redevelopment of the municipality, the car remains king."

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