1 May, Brussels residents' day

Traditionally, 1 May is a big celebration for all of us. A day when we reflect on the positive evolution of our society. We celebrate 1 May because we are moving towards a society that takes the different layers of our lives into account. In which there is so much more than just work.

During the corona crisis, we were all forced to reflect on the definition of labour and how it contributes to our daily lives. Worker is no longer just the definition for an employee who, for example, works at a desk from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday to Friday. With the COVID measures, it sometimes seemed as if all we could do was work. There was nothing else. And everything that makes Brussels beautiful was no longer allowed.  

Teleworking and not being able to work anymore has marked us. But it will also make us stronger. With one.brussels we are even more determined to eliminate inequality between Brusselers. A correct legal framework for teleworking, continuing to create opportunities for young people, the long-term unemployed and the lower educated are more than ever high on our agenda. We are working on a city where the quality of life is a priority on all levels, be it our mental health, the fight against loneliness or a public space that feels good for all of us.

Apart from that, there is fortunately also a bright side. Soon we will be able to see and meet each other again in the city. Have a drink together on a terrace. Laugh together at the school gates. Meet each other at the playground. 

Labour and being a worker apply to all of us. To every person in Brussels who contributes to this city in a positive way. Being a worker is being a Brusseler. Together we make sure that even after the pandemic we can continue to work, enjoy, be together and live together. 

Therefore: thank you! This 1 May is for you!

An image of how you, together with us, kept on working with all the challenges that had to be faced. Besides teleworking, overworking and not working, we held on to the small things that keep us together. Reading together, playing sports, going out into nature and exploring the city on foot or by bike. 

Thank you for keeping the city going.
Thank you for keeping Brussels alive. 

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