The ideal Brussels

Samenvating frans

Our beloved city is many things at once: the capital of Belgium and Europe, probably the most cosmopolitan city in the world, the birthplace of world-famous artists and much more. In fact, it is as good as ideal, but not quite. Just think of the rising prices of rental and owner-occupied properties, the red tape and the lack of multilingual service. Ah oui!

That's why we're meeting on 18 November with a number of committed Brussels citizens, experts and policy makers within and outside our movement. The aim is to use your experiences to put together the missing pieces of the puzzle to create

What can you expect from this fascinating and participatory evening? A focus on two central themes: the forthcoming reform of the state and cities and the maintenance of affordable housing in Brussels.

We believe that a well-organised city is much more social and sustainable for all its inhabitants. The living environment of the inhabitants of Brussels plays a central role in this. What works well in Brussels and where can it be improved? How would you organise Brussels? What examples and experiences should we include in the reform of Belgium and Brussels? And how can we keep Brussels affordable for all Brussels inhabitants?

Would you like to join us at the FIRM Artlab in Jette on 18 November from 18:30? Then register now!

Programme :

  • 18:30: Opening of the doors
  • 18:30-19:15: Reception and refreshments
  • 19:30: Intro with State Secretary Pascal Smet and moderator Aimee Mukunde
  • 19:50: - state reform with economist Philippe Van Parijs and Brussels MP Els Rochette
  • 20u30: Intermezzo
  • 20.40: - affordable living in Brussels with Oana Bogdan and Brussels MP Fouad Ahidar
  • 21:30: Aperitif with music by Otto Kint

The event will be held in Dutch, French and English.