The Voice of the international Brusseler

a debate on the democratic representation of the international citizen of Brussels

Come join us on October 18th at StamEuropa for a discussion on the issues that matter to international Brusselsers.

One in three Brussels’ citizens has no voting right for the Regional elections. Many important decisions on their life in the city are taken without them having a say. On the new platform Live here. Speak, hear launched by, upon the initiative of State Secretary Pascal Smet, for the first time international Brusselers are invited to have their say. 

Now it’s time to meet up in real life: is bringing together a group of experts, politicians and international Brusselers to open up the discussion on the issue of democratic representation, and to find out what they think is important. Join us.

With: State Secretary Pascal Smet, Brussels Commissioner for Europe Alain Hutchinson, Ilaria Maselli of I Vote Where I Live, Dagmar Ottevangers of 1BRU1VOTE and member of the Brussels Parliament Els Rochette.

Date: Monday October 18th

Time: 19:30-21:00, followed by a drink

Location: StamEuropa, European Quarter, 104 rue d’Arlon, Brussels

Debate in English

Read more about Live here. Speak, hear. on

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